State Inspection & Emission

Our goal at Germosen Truck and Auto Service, Inc. is to offer our customers a safe, competitive, and fast Emissions & State Inspection service following all Pennsylvania’s guidelines and requirements. We have multiple certified inspectors on site which allows us do be able to do inspections faster.

Germosen Truck and Auto Service, Inc. is one of the few places in Philadelphia that can do state inspections on medium trucks 17,000 lbs or less.

Computerized Alignments

For years our customers requested us to offer the alignment service, but we wanted to do things right, and that’s what we did!. We now have alignment equipment that works with regular cars and trucks (up to 18,000 lbs), also we now have qualified personnel to offer our customers the service they expect.

Germosen Truck and Auto Service, Inc. is one of the few places in Philadelphia that can do trucks (18,000 lbs or less) alignments in Philadelphia.

Computerized Diagnostics

Is your CHECK ENGINE or SERVICE ENGINE SOON light on in your vehicle? we have certified technicians with the necessary bleeding edge technology tools to find what is EXACTLY wrong with your vehicle.

Engine & Transmission Repair

Diesel & Gas: we have highly experienced personnel who specialize in repairing Engines and Transmissions.

Bring your own: if you have your engine or transmission, we offer replacement services as well.

Commercial Trucks

We also service commercial trucks, we understand that the turn-around on commercial trucks need to be a little faster than usual because every minute that goes by with your truck at the shop matters, we have personnel dedicated to work directly on commercial vehicles which help us get them out in the shortest time possible.

General Mechanic

We have a certified team ready and waiting to solve all your problems. From Maintenance to heavy duty engine issues (gas or diesel), we do it all!

Exhaust Manifold Leaks

Our team will fix ANY issues with your exhaust manifold. BROKEN BOLTS; no problem. WE WILL FIX IT! Contact us today and schedule an appointment. We will have your truck back on the street ASAP!

Muffler & Exhaust

Issues with your muffler, exhaust pipe, and/or catalytic converter? bring your vehicle to the professionals that can help you. Your muffler, exhaust pipe, and catalytic converter are crucial for your car and will save you money on gas when the the system is working at its best, come by today and ask us to check your muffler, exhaust pipe, and catalytic converter for FREE!

Used Cars

We have a variety of used cars at convenient prices.


For years we have been providing high quality brakes to our customers at an affordable price. This is the reason why over 99% of customers who received our brake service return to our shop the next time their brakes need to be serviced.

Oil Change

Oil changes at our facility are done in a matter of 5-10 minutes. We recommend our customers to perform oil changes every 3 months or at every 3,000 miles for better engine performance. Our oil change prices varies depending on the vehicle. Appointments are recommended, but not necessary.

Air Conditioning & Heating

If you are having trouble with your air conditioning/heating system let us help you. Our certified technicians will make sure your air conditioning or heater is working after visiting our shop.


Our professional technicians will deliver the best welding techniques on each welding job taking the necessary steps to obtain the high quality service you deserve for an affordable price. Visit us today and get your estimate.

Interstate Batteries

We are a proud dealer of the high quality and high performance Interstate Batteries. Interstate Batteries is the #1 replacement brand battery in North America. Our variety of batteries are for: Vehicle, Medium Truck, Boat, motorcycle, Landscaping Machines, and more.